Palissandro® marble: One of a kind in the world

The polychromatic quarry in Crevoladossola, Piemonte Italy, is the jewel in the crown for Gruppo Tosco Marmi, the only Palissandro® quarry in the world. This rock of rare beauty is composed of dolomite and other minerals contributing to its distinct lustre and shine. Here, at the Crevoladossola quarry it is possible to see first-hand the striking colour variations of shades in white, beige, blue, and black. Historical documents state that Palissandro® marble was used to create some of Italy’s most magnificent historical monuments, such as the well-known landmark in Milan “Arco della Pace” and the Pavia Cathedral.
Palissandro® remarkably resistant a quality added to its rare beauty makes this perfect for all interior & exterior architectural design.

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The charm of the stone

The Palissandro® trademark endorses a stone of rare beauty. Its highly pure material is dotted by miniscule bright crystals which shine like a shower of diamonds. The authenticity of Palissandro® marble is certified with “The Palissandro® Marble” trademark that is registered with European and international agencies who are responsible for certifying the origin and provenance of the product from the quarry. “The Palissandro® Marble” trademark can only be used solely by Gruppo Tosco Marmi or only upon Gruppo Tosco Marmi’s legitimate consent.

the palissandro marble certificate registered 2023

The extraordinary colours of Palissandro®

The distinct characteristic, which avails to the Palissandro® marble is its vast expressiveness. Here, at the Crevoladossola quarry it is possible to see first-hand the striking colour variations of shades of white, beige, and blue, as well as its unmistakable contrasts in rock texture. These dominant variations correspond to the diversified blocks extracted from this quarry.
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Vittorio Residence, Bangkok · Thailandia

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Furniture Design

Profound knowledge of the stone industry together with experience gained over the years have made the Gruppo Tosco Marmi trademark a point of reference for architects and project designers throughout the world.

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