Gruppo Tosco Marmi Cava marmo palissandro

A one-of-a-kind mineral deposit

The jewel in the crown of Gruppo Tosco Marmi, the Crevoladossola quarry is the only deposit of Palissandro® marble in the world, a polychromatic rock of rare beauty. It is composed of dolomite and other minerals (calcite, phlogopite, plagioclase, tremolite, titanite and epidote), which render it particularly bright and shiny.
Historical documents tell that Palissandro® marble, with its ‘extraordinary whiteness’, was used to create some of Italy’s most wonderful monuments, above all the Arch of Peace in Milan and the Pavia Cathedral.
The unique character of Palissandro® marble is valued for its great expressive variety as well: at the quarry in Crevoladossola it is possible to observe marked colour variations, with shades that touch on tones of white, beige and blue, in addition to changes in texture. These variations correspond to the different types of products which are extracted.
Palissandro® marble is a rock of rare beauty and great resistance, qualities which make it the perfect material for use in outdoor settings as well.
The Palissandro® marble quarry has been worked by Gruppo Tosco Marmi for over 40 years. The experience it has developed on this land, combined with the use of modern equipment and innovative extractive technologies, allow the group to obtain blocks of excellent quality in significant quantities, with a production which is constant throughout the year. These characteristics enable us to promptly meet the demands of the market and the needs of large-scale projects.

Palissandro cavatori

Thorough knowledge of the extraction site and the skills and passion of the personnel working the quarry are the main resources which allow the group to perfectly manage the wonderful polychromatic qualities of Palissandro® marble.

Bluette Cave Marmo Palissandro

Palissandro® Bluette