Cava di Marmo Grigio: Gruppo Tosco Marmi

Classic materials for timeless contemporary uses.

Facing the Tyrrhenian Sea in Tuscany, the limestone quarry owned by Gruppo Tosco Marmi is perched atop a small, rocky promontory surrounded by the flood lands of Cornia Valley.
This extraction site consists of an immense area which contains three authorised quarries. From a structural point of view, the deposit is of a limestone ‘pillar’ located between two parallel, sub-vertical faults: thanks to an upward tectonic movement, the pillar literally punctured the lands which once covered it. This geological formation created quality calcareous material, characterised by varied exclusive chromatic colours, with veins ranging in shades of greys to reds.
These are materials which are highly valued for their decorative and polishing capacities, qualities which attract project designers. They lend themselves to innovative uses in contemporary design and architecture, especially in open spaces.

I marmi Grigi sono conosciuti per i toni prestigiosi e richiesti nei grandi progetti.

In the world of stone production, these grey marbles go by the names of Grey Fleury, Grey Sonata and Grey Geneva. Their attractive colours which can easily be matched up with other colours and material is the reason why this stone is often the preference of use for large scaled projects.

Le venature del Marmo Grigio
Grigio Fior di Bosco