Hardness, quality and continuity.

Other quarries belonging to Gruppo Tosco Marmi are located in the midst of the mineral basin of Serizzo, in the Ossolane valleys.
Serizzo granite is most noted for its resistance to ice, fire and durability; it can be polished, flamed and bush-hammered. This material is suited for many uses in construction and urban exterior design and/ or furniture: such as wall veneers, flooring, stairways, kitchen countertops, bath decor, façade finishes, art design objects and funerary art.
Gruppo Tosco Marmi entrusts the working of the Serizzo quarries to expert personnel who have been carefully trained. Extraction and processing are carried out according to the traditional techniques of the area using state of the art equipment.


The vast area and numerous quarries here guarantees to quickly satisfy all of the markets supply on demand.

granito dettaglio
Serizzo Formazza