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An age-old trade carried out with modern technologies
while respecting environmental resources and safety.

The use of stone as construction material is as old as the history of man: it has been used for protection, survival and the creation of our modern civilisation.
The use of stone always assumes the working of a quarry: behind each construction lies a site of extraction, a place that requires precise knowledge made up of experience and familiarity with the land, the materials and the technologies.

The Crevoladossola quarry is among the most important in terms of the number of machines involved, the extractive technology employed and its organisation. All of these elements translate into efficiency thanks to the long experience of our skilled workers, who turn the extraction site into an extremely dynamic workplace, which is in harmony with the needs of both customers and the mountain. The proper processing of stone must always involve careful examination of what the rock requires in terms of the safety of the quarry faces, a question which takes priority over marketing needs.
All the companies of Gruppo Tosco Marmi share the same ethics: the working of mineral resources must be done in ways compatible with the preservation of environmental resources, protecting the land and well-being of the people.

Cava di Marmo Palissandro

The Palissandro® marble quarry 

The jewel in the crown of Gruppo Tosco Marmi, the Crevoladossola, Piemonte Italia, quarry is the only deposit of Palissandro® marble in the world, a polychromatic rock of rare beauty. It is composed of dolomite and other minerals (calcite, phlogopite, plagioclase, tremolite, titanite and epidote), which render it particularly bright and shiny.
The granite quarries

Granite quarries

Other quarries belonging to Gruppo Tosco Marmi are located in the heart of the Serizzo mineral basin, in the Ossolane valleys.
Serizzo granite is highly valued for its particular physical and mechanical characteristics.

Quarry of Gray marble

Quarry of Gray marble

Facing Tuscany’s Tyrrhenian coast, the limestone deposit owned by Gruppo Tosco Marmi is perched atop a small, rocky promontory surrounded by the flood lands of the Val di Cornia.
This extraction site consists of a broad area which contains three authorised quarries.