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Palissandro Marble: a certificate of authenticity.

Palissandro Marble also known as Crevola Marble, is solely owned by Gruppo Tosco Marmi. The only quarry in the world is found in Crevoladossola V.C.O. Italy. The authenticity of Palissandro Marble is backed by ‘The Palissandro Marble’ trademark, which is registered with the European and international agencies which authenticate the origin and provenance of the product from the quarry. ‘The Palissandro Marble’ trademark can only be used by Gruppo Tosco Marmi or upon the Group’s legal consent.

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storia cava crevoladossola

From the Crevoladossola quarry to great monumental works.

The use of stone as construction material, whether of lesser quality for common buildings or of high quality for temples, tombs and public works, forms part of the story of human civilisation. Because stone has been used to give expression to human creations, it is an important part of the human cultural legacy.

arco storico

Arch of Peace, Milan, Italy.