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Palissandro® Marble: a certificate of authenticity.

Palissandro® Marble, unique to this world, was established with the brand name Tosco Marmi in 1974 and has exclusive rights to Palissandro Marmi Srl. Palissandro® is the brand name of the marble extracted exclusively from the Crevoladossola quarry in Piemonte, Italy, owned by Gruppo Tosco Marmi. The Palissandro® brand name guarantees that the marble was extracted exclusively in the Crevoladossola quarry accompanied with the “The Palissandro® Marble” logo, that is registered with European and international agencies who are responsible for certifying the origin and provenance of the product from the quarry. Palissandro® and “The Palissandro® Marble” trademarks can only be used solely by Gruppo Tosco Marmi or only upon Gruppo Tosco Marmi’s legitimate consent.

Certificiato autenticita Marmo logo

The Palissandro® Marble
The exclusive trademark Palissandro®, is granted with “The Palissandro® Marble” certificate of authenticity guaranteeing it comes from Crevola.

Classico, Bronzo Brown, Oniciato, Bronzetto, Bluette, Blu Nuvolato, Blue, Fiorito, Bronzo, Tigrato and Reale: these are the main color palettes of Palissandro® marble, which is extracted from a natural polychrome quarry in Crevoladossola, whose owner is the Gruppo Tosco Marmi. Sample cases, grouping the “Palissandro® Tones” into three main collections have been created for architects and interior designers.