Palissandro® Case History



Spotlight on
Palissandro® Bronzo Brown, Oniciato and Tigrato

In this residence overlooking the lake, the interior designer has been able to convert the bold personalities of the owners’ and their passion for Palissandro® marble into a distinctive interior design. The colours of this luxurious marble of Gruppo Tosco Marmi play a decisive role in defining the style of all home décor, which is eclectic and upscale.

Walking On these Bronze Brown and Tigrato checkerboard floors feels like each step is intimately encountering nature’s art. Each Palissandro® slab is unique, due to its vein patterns of different colour shades intertwining like brushstrokes in an abstract painting.


Flooring: Palissandro® Bronzo Brown, Palissandro® Tigrato and Eclisseo granite.

Original mix & matches

The checkered flooring pattern represents the centrepiece of this home. Bold combinations of different Palissandro® colours flow together in a captivating graphic pattern that is eye-catching.

PALISSANDRO oniciato parete house ecletic

Stunning large slabs of Palissandro® Oniciato clad the walls of the Foyer, Livingroom, and bathroom. Paired with black granite Eclisseo framework only accentuates the beauty of this marble even further.

A love poem giving tribute to marble

The real heart of this home is the sculpted dining table, that’s been perfectly placed in the brightest spot of the room. It embodies the passion and admiration for this unique marble: Palissandro®.

tavolo Elitra XL base in Palissandro Tigrato
Palissandro® Tigrato

The Elitra XL table was created by designer Raffaello Galiotto and is manufactured by Lithos Design. Inspired by the hardened forewings of beetles, Elitra XL is considered a design dining table that stylishly matches marble with brass details. A glass or marble top elegantly complements the striking hollowed-out composition of the base using Palissandro® .

In this project, the shades extracted from the geologically polychrome quarry of Crevoladossola were used:

Palissandro Oniciato white e beige