Palissandro® Case History



Spotlight on
Palissandro® Classico and Eclisseo granite

In the quarry of Crevoladossola, Piedmont Italy, a unique color variety of Palissandro® is captured, with veining in shades ranging from pure white to beige-browns and from blues to black.
In these projects, the architects have really succeeded in transferring a sense of timeless elegance, strength, and beauty using the marble of the Tosco Marble Group and bringing it to a whole new level of interpretation in architecture.
The Tosco Marmi Group manages the entire production process, from the extraction of the stone to the executive project using its skills, important resources as well as technologically advanced tools that enhance safety and production efficiency.

Gruppo Tosco Marmi Case History Palissandro Classico Airport

Cladding: Palissandro® Classico
Flooring: Granito Eclisseo

Spectacular polished marble panels slabs of Palissandro® Classico for the walls and heavy durable Eclisseo granite flooring in a brushed finish.
3 PCH02 Palissandro Classico Airport

Elegant vertical panels in Palissandro®

The golden nuances of the Palissandro® Classico creates a pattern displaying its strength and rare beauty.

GTM Case History Ingresso

Columns: Palissandro® Bronzo
Flooring: Granito Eclisseo e Palissandro® Classico

The resistance and shine of the Eclisseo Granite

The Eclisseo granite of the Tosco Marmi Group is characterized by an intense black tone shimmering with silver sparkle. Its modern nuance and durability make it suitable for large-scale projects such as cladding for buildings and extensive flooring.
In this project, the brushed, polish finish of the Eclisseo granite and the Palissandro® Bronzo marble columns create a powerful piece of artwork.

5 PCH02 Bronzo Granito

In this project, the shades extracted from the geologically polychrome quarry of Crevoladossola were used: