Macchiavecchia marmo UBS

Macchiavecchia Marble

Located in Ticino, Switzerland in the underground depths of a prehistoric seabed lies the Arzo quarry which extracts Macchiavecchia marble. A polychromatic calcareous marble. The geological movements that led to the formation of this rock caused it to fragment and crystallise with other minerals, giving it a very varied chromatic colour with exquisite bold-coloured veins of red to yellow to olive green and even white. Macchiavecchia marble is a versatile material that is ideally used for interior and exterior projects: such as wall veneers, flooring and/or for ornamental purposes.
The Church of Gesù Nuovo (New Jesus) in Naples is an iconic masterpiece of how this marble has been used over the centuries, creating extraordinary works of art.
Gruppo Tosco Marmi has exclusive rights to the marketing of this product.

barretta 1


 Simple compression breaking load (Mpa) 82
 Simple compression breaking load after freezing treatment (Mpa) 66
 Imbibition coefficient (°/°°) 1,74
 Indirect tensile strength by bending (MPa) 20
 Impact resistance: minimum fall height (cm) 55
 Coefficient of thermal linear expansion (10-6/° C) 5,6
 Wear due to sliding friction 0,28
 Volume unit weight (kN/m3) 28,0
 Impact resistance: minimum fall height (cm) 55
 Normal modulus of elasticity (MPa)Tangent Et48938
  Secant Es44141
 Knoop micro-hardness (Mpa) 2269