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Gruppo Tosco Marmi deals exclusively with natural stones from carefully chosen extraction sites. It specialises in particular in materials from the quarries of Val d’Ossola, such as Serizzo, Beole and Granito Bianco Montorfano, and from those of the nearby Canton of Ticino, such as Lodrino, Iragna and Maggia.
Stone belonging to the granite family is highly valued for its physical and mechanical characteristics, its aesthetic qualities and the versatility of its uses.
This type of stone is hard, compact, impermeable, and resistant to fire, ice and atmospheric agents.
Granite lends itself to applications in interior design and construction, where it can be used as veneer, interior and exterior flooring, stairways, balconies, windowsills, fireplaces, tables, kitchen countertops, bath vanities and street furniture. In addition, it is the ideal material for airy exterior façades of prominent buildings and for works of funerary art.

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 Simple compression breaking load (Mpa) 82
 Simple compression breaking load after freezing treatment (Mpa) 66
 Imbibition coefficient (°/°°) 1,74
 Indirect tensile strength by bending (MPa) 20
 Impact resistance: minimum fall height (cm) 55
 Coefficient of thermal linear expansion (10-6/° C) 5,6
 Wear due to sliding friction 0,28
 Volume unit weight (kN/m3) 28,0
 Impact resistance: minimum fall height (cm) 55
 Normal modulus of elasticity (MPa)Tangent Et48938
  Secant Es44141
 Knoop micro-hardness (Mpa) 2269