Marmomac 2022 . Palissandro® Gallery

The classicism of marble meets contemporary art

Palissandro® Gallery is an exhibit of a decade-long journey in which this unique marble known as Palissandro®, extracted from the natural polychrome quarry of Crevoladossola, had to travel in order to captivate the world with its enchanting qualities. Here in this artistic display the “Palissandro® Tones” are staged in their natural balanced striking designs which were inspired by an intertwined correlation between classic examples of the Renaissance and the forever longing of a minimal contemporary design. Palissandro® Gallery exhibits a congruous display of the use of Palissandro® marble in classic and contemporary design styles, triggering the imagination to create innovative uses of this stone for interior design and architecture purposes. The Gruppo Tosco Marmi owns the Palissandro® marble quarry.