Marmomac 2019

Once again, the appointment at Marmomac sets the course with its long-term vision. It is a destination of exhilarating energy, while it is also building the expectation for the next stop.
This year’s theme, “PALISSANDRO SPACE GALAXY”, is an interstellar journey inspired by sci-fi movies that made history . In the fiftieth anniversary of the first moon landing, the design of the next stand catches the orbit of a trip into space. The word “space” is in fact an obvious reference to the movie “2001: a space odissey”, premiering just over 50 years ago. A journey starting from the roots of humankind (the quarry) and projected towards an unforseeable future. The logo (two intersecting circles) is reminiscent of the planets alignment (another image from the movie), a galaxy of materials that revolves around the origin of it all.
Palissandro will also be featured in the show Natural Things hosted in the Italian Stone Theatre (Hall 1), curated by Raffaello Galiotto. The pieces created for this edition of Marmomac are two:

Designer: Valeria Eva Rossi

Producer: Gmm Spa

Materials: Gruppo Tosco Marmi

Designer: Dustin White with Maurizio Barberio

Robotic Fabrication Expert: Matteo Generelli – Generlli SA

Material: Gruppo Tosco Marmi