Herbarium Mirabile . Marmomac 2023

Historically, an herbarium is a collection of dried herbs that describes their medicinal virtues. To the less experienced eye, herbaria are also an exciting showcase of species that differ in their unique forms. Each variety arranged orderly on each page, attracts curiosity for the creative and often extravagant formal response that nature is capable of creating for the survival needs of the species. The exhibition Herbarium Mirabile takes inspiration from these marvellous plant geometries to present itself to visitors as a lithic botanical garden composed of fifteen marble sculptures.

The artwork is composed of two symmetric lobes created by a dense sequence of curved milling paths, worked with a disc, branching out in a fan-like manner from the base stem. The machining on one side intersects with that on the other at the edge, creating the characteristic serrated perimeter.

Production: Generelli | Machinery: Biesse | Tools: Diamut | Material: Palissandro® Classico

The design of the undulating, deformed toolpaths of the piece is achieved using software to vary certain parameters of the algorithm. The formal complexity deriving from the opposing milling action requires an advance feasibility check carried out using a virtual simulation.

Production: Odone Angelo | Material: Palissandro® Reale