A hub exclusively dedicated to Palissandro®

Gruppo Tosco Marmi handles the entire production process, from extraction of the stone to the start of the project using its expertise along with innovative technological equipment, such as the Industry 4.0 remote management, which increases the safety and productive efficiency. The selection of blocks takes place directly in the quarry’s production process by personnel experts; the blocks are then cut appropriately and stored in modern hubs, where customers can come to see the vast selection for purchase.

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5 Quarries owned
4 Quarries to which it has exclusive access

70 expert quarrymen
51 excavators
2 Cat 988K loaders
20 Loaders
13 Derriks

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HUB Crevoladossola
HUB Verona

45 Mobile sawing
15 Fixed sawing

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50.000 mq

20 Heavy goods vehicles
7 40-ton Cranes

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Support and advice in all project phases, from the choice of the most suitable material to the project design, from the definition of construction and finishing stages to the measures to be taken to defend and protect materials from any kind of exogenous agents.


The majestic open-air deposits

With over 50,000 square metres of display blocks of the exclusive Palissandro® marble ready to be selected by dealers, architects, and international project developers. For customers from all over the world, the act of selecting and purchasing one or more blocks at Gruppo Tosco Marmi in the Crevoladossola headquarters is really a special experience, having such a wide variety at hand all which a unique in themselves yet all Palissandro® Marble. It is here where you clearly understand, whatever you choose for your project, the outcome will be unique and harmonious in itself.