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Gruppo Tosco Marmi was established in 1960 on the initiative of Lorenzo D’Aloisio, who intuited the great potential of Palissandro marble from the early 1970s and planned the growth of the group on the basis of this wonderful stone.

Sixty years since its founding, Gruppo Tosco Marmi is undergoing a generational transition from Lorenzo D’Aloisio to his children Silvia, Vito and Mauro. The group is now focusing on the mechanisation of its production processes as well as the internationalisation of its marketing, while preserving its desire for progress which the founder has transmitted to his children and collaborators with a passion that is contagious.
Respect for ethics and passion for their work are the shared values of all the companies of Gruppo Tosco Marmi. Each company is specialized in the extraction, processing or marketing of stone products.
Through the structured coordination of the companies in which it has holdings, Gruppo Tosco Marmi manages the entire production chain, from the raw block to the finished product. On the strength of the operations of O.M.G. S.r.l., a company held by the D’Aloisio and Peretti families, the group manufactures semi-finished products, such as polished or rough slabs, flooring, stairways and veneers, design articles, columns and natural-hewn or polished funerary monuments, and is able to perform project variations using computerized numerical control machines.
Each company of the group processes mineral resources while carefully respecting the environment and ensuring the total safety of its workers.

famiglia daloisio passaggio generazionale

From the left: Lorenzo, Mauro, Vito, Silvia D’Aloisio.


Tosco storia

Tosco Marmi S.p.a. headquarters, Barberino Val D’Elsa (1960s).

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The Palissandro marble quarry,