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Gruppo Tosco Marmi: an outright Italian story

Gruppo Tosco Marmi was founded in 1960 by Lorenzo D’Aloisio. Over the years, it became a point of reference in the stone sector, specialising in the extraction, processing and marketing of marble and granite. During its first decade, the group focused primarily on interior design furniture and finishes, becoming a leader in the production of marble tables, which were mainly exported to the American and European markets.

Tosco storia

Headquarters of Tosco Marmi S.p.a., Barberino Val D’Elsa (1960s).


Marble Tables (1970s).

In 1974, Lorenzo D’Aloisio purchased the quarry of Crevoladossola, Piemonte Italy. The story behind the Palissandro® brand starts here, with the very first thought of creating and using a trademark to distinguish the marble extracted from the Crevoladossola quarry, the only one in the world to have this rare lustrous multichromatic beauty of great endurance. The purchase of this deposit represents a crucial point in the group’s history. From that moment on, the group focused its activities and strategies on the extraction, processing, and marketing of the marble with the Palissandro® trademark, identifying it as the exclusive marble from Crevola.

cava marmo Crevola 2023


In 1975, Gruppo Tosco Marmi purchased the quarry of Suvereto on Tuscany’s Tyrrhenian coast. This is a deposit of limestone from which blocks of high-quality material are extracted. This material, which goes by the names of Grey Fleury and Grey Sonata, is much valued for its decorative qualities and its great polishing potential.
The group in addition owns granite quarries in the Antigorio and Formazza valleys. These quarries allow great quantities of material to be obtained and to be able to quickly meet the market’s supply on demand.
In the mid-90’s, Gruppo Tosco Marmi took advantage of their unique products and exclusive rights to their quarries, by branching out into processing and marketing stone materials: blocks, slabs and other products for construction and funerary monuments. The group was also able to exploit the rapid growth in the world real estate economy, by expanding sales worldwide particularly to those countries which were investing in building and constructing (The Emirates, the United States and Southeast Asia).
Today, the magnificent unique products of Gruppo Tosco Marmi can now be enjoyed worldwide thanks to the various companies it controls.


Gruppo Tosco Marmi is made up of several companies which specialise in the extraction, processing, and marketing of stone products, as well as in the real estate market. Through the companies in which it has holdings, the group supplies the world with materials that range from raw blocks to finished goods. It also offers semi-finished goods, such as polished or rough slabs, flooring, stairways, and wall veneers, natural-hewn or polished funerary monuments, columns, and various projects which used a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine.
Decades of experience gained in stone processing guarantees customers a product of quality. While our skilled personnel, who are supervised by our internal technical office, create the ideal conditions for carrying out even the most complex projects, such as elegantly refined homes, luxurious hotels, and opulent commercial spaces. All the companies in Gruppo Tosco Marmi share the same ethic: working mineral resources must be done in ways compatible with the preservation of environmental resources, protecting the land and well-being of the people.


Palissandro® Marmi S.r.l.

Palissandro® Marmi s.r.l. is the company which owns the quarry land. Its operations focus on the extraction and initial processing of the blocks, which are selected directly in the production quarries by expert personnel.
The blocks are then appropriately cut and kept in an immense 50,000-square-metre hub owned by Palissandro® Marmi s.r.l. It is here where Italian and foreign customers, such as dealers, architects and international project developers can come, to marvel and make their selection. For the customers of Palissandro® Marmi, the act of selecting and purchasing one or more blocks is truly an experience in itself, having such a wide variety at your fingertips all of which are unique in themselves yet all Palissandro® Marble. Here in Crevoladossola you can choose what you want, knowing that whatever you choose your project will be one of its kind in the world.

O.M.G. Ossola Marmi e Graniti

O.M.G. Ossola Marmi e Graniti S.r.l.

O.M.G. Ossola Marmi e Graniti S.r.l. was founded in 1981 as a laboratory for the transformation of marble and granite. Over the years, the operation has grown, to the point that it has become an established company on the international level, a leader in the processing and marketing of natural stone.
The company boasts long experience in working stone and stone products, taking full advantage of its laboratory in Domodossola and its sawmill in Crevoladossola.
O.M.G. Ossola Marmi e Graniti s.r.l. also handles the development of marketing and distribution strategies for the group, both within Italy and abroad. It focuses in particular on developing markets, such as China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Senegal and Vietnam.