Marmomac 2023Palissandro® Inside

Marmomac 2023
Palissandro® Inside

Palissandro® Inside . Marmomac 2023 Discovering the marble in detail This art piece Palissandro® Inside, designed by Raffaello Galiotto, developed from a single giant block of Palissandro® Tigrato which lies suspended on two piles of stone rubble. Positioned in the...
Marmomac 2023Palissandro® Elliptical Domus

Marmomac 2023
Palissandro® Elliptical Domus

Palissandro® Elliptical Domus . Marmomac 2023 Feel the timeless marble sensations In this 57th edition of Marmomac, Gruppo Tosco Marmi’s exhibit Palissandro® Elliptical Domus welcomes its visitors into an invitingly comfortable space, making everyone feel at ease. The...