Palissandro® Case History


Case-History-05: marmo di palissandro in una casa di lusso in italia

Spotlight on
Palissandro® Tigrato, Bronzo Brown and Eclisseo granite

Palissandro® marble and black Eclisseo granite are perfect materials for creating a home that emits timeless appeal and beauty.
Pavimento in marmo di Palissandro Tigrato: lusso italiano

Palissandro® Tigrato

Striking symmetrical designs

Floor book match designs of Palissandro® Tigrato create breathtaking floors. Each slab is unique with its variances in golden shades.

The sweeping staircase with solid Eclisseo granite steps

The sweeping staircase with solid Eclisseo granite steps emerges as a distinctive architectural element of this home.

The intrinsic relevance of Eclisseo granite

Gruppo Tosco Marmi’s Eclisseo granite is bestowed with an intrinsic silver shimmer that not only gives this extremely durable rock its luster and shine but also its distinct timeless elegance.

Granito Eclisseo del Gruppo Tosco Marmi: un gneiss granitoide estremamente resistente

The luxuriousness of cladded walls using Palissandro®

Using polished Palissandro® for the bathroom walls creates a refined and elegant look. This is a natural stone that is widely valued for its intrinsic beauty and durability. It has always been the perfect material for damp environments such as bathrooms. Each and every slab is always different, giving the room a unique and distinctive look.

Pareti in Palissandro lucido della sala da bagno

Wall: Palissandro® Bronzo Brown
Forniture: Eclisseo granite
Floor: Palissandro® Bronzo Brown and Eclisseo granite

In this project, the shades extracted from the geologically polychrome quarry of Crevoladossola were used: