The combinations of beauty

Projects customization

Every project has its history, its particular needs and its uniqueness. The Tosco Marmi Group has always considered the capacity to fit the client’s needs and the attention to details as some core priorities of its vision.

The experienced staff and the technical office create the best conditions to face different kind of projects; overcoming obstacles through experience and innovation has always been the strength of the Group and it’s with these values that we succeeded to gain an important and recognized role on international markets.

Palissandro in action

See the beauty of Palissandro in action. With our “configurator” it is possible to apply the different Palissandro marble typologies to digital reproductions of some selected ambients. In this way you can easily and visually  compare the different colors, patterns and veins  of the material.

Choose the ambient that fits to the type of project that you are interested in by clicking on the images below and then try to configure the different sections of the ambient mixing the available materials.